And the reason why my website is called when God speaks to is because we as Christian peoples do not know that God has a purpose for each and every one of our lives. And I am living proof from my testimony
B y Jerry Watson
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Praise the Lord my name is Jerry Watson and I would just like to invite you to my Christian website called when God speaks to me and the reason why it is called this is because with inside of each and every one of us. We all can hear God's voice.

And the reason why I am sending this letter out over the Internet is because God had told me to God had told me to stop everything that I am doing to stop focusing on what he would have me to do for him, God has said. Although he is a God of love he is not a God of sin. Nor heat is a God of sinners that is why he is sending a reading number for men times sin and that Redeemer is his son Jesus Christ.

Who have gave his life on the cross at Calvary. And so therefore God had told me to tell you that the time is near. God he said mean can only kill the body, but he can kill the mine body and solar so God had told me it is time for me to stop holding back on put his word out there to his people. Because if I do not I would be like Jonah with inside of that warehouse belly

Look I know it is a whole lot of y'all who is having problems with and believe in what I am saying, but I guarantee you if you spin one day with inside of my life.

You would not want to leave 
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Elisha Cole
Brenda Pruitt

Philip Gitito

Nwosu Chimezie Jnr

Those that are in leadership(parents, school teachers, pastors, bosses, politicians, etc..) are always suppose to be the example, never the exception. Stop looking for what you are not willing nor prepared to give. A hypocrite wines likes a child but a servant walks in maturity. Check it at the door.

Our little big man, Andrew, is now 8 years old today. He continues to grow in every area of his life and keeps us all laughing hard everyday with his own brand of comedy.We could not have asked for or ever imagined having a better son. Happy Birthday Andrew!! We Love You!!
— with Carliss Goodsuccess Cole.

Janice Marshall Tyler
What an AWESOME time we had at Refuge and Restoration Church this morning. Praise Team, Minister Elisha Cole, Todd Lester and Brother. Excellent job letting the Holy Spirit lead yall.

Zeeshan Zeeshangill

Our beautiful daughter Angel Cole..Daddy's girl always and forever!
We are so excited about our son, Andrew, and these young ladies getting baptized today. Celebrating new life in Jesus!
— with Carliss Goodsuccess Cole.
We are so excited about our son, Andrew, and these young ladies getting baptized today. Celebrating new life in Jesus!
— with Carliss Goodsuccess Cole.
My fam and I have been and still are celebrating my mom's ___ birthday. We are so glad The Lord has allowed her to see another year. Also, God blessed my uncle, Odell Holloway, to celebrate another year and we are so glad that he didn't have to do it in the hospital. He just had surgery and now he is recovering nicely. God is so good!!
Elisha Cole

Frederick Douglas Jones Jr.
I appeal to you, brothers, to watch out for those who cause divisions and create obstacles contrary to the doctrine that you have been taught; avoid them. For such persons do not serve our Lord Christ, but their own appetites, and by smooth talk and flattery they deceive the hearts of the naïve. (Romans 16:17-18)


From the Beginning only God is to be Worshipped.
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Elisha Cole

YOU ARE ON GOD'S do matter.. when you are not around, it is noticeable....what is it that God is telling you that we need to hear...what gift has God given you for us to are an original...the people you are meant to reach are waiting for help us are an original....YOU ARE ON GOD'S TEAM!...

ok..March was March Madness...and April izzz.. WRESTLEMANIA XXX (30)!!!..our son Andrew is feelin daughter, Angel is too!..IT'S ON NOW!..."glassbreak" n comes STONE COLD..then next "THE ROCK" SHUT UP! 'screamin' old skool & new skool! And it's jus beginnin..gotta go #familysportstime# — with Elisha Cole.

At Disciples of Christ this morning where my associate Pastor Elisha Cole is the speaker of the hour, anticipating a Awesome word from the Lord ! — with Carliss Goodsuccess Cole and Elisha Cole.

Join me THIS Saturday, July 16th, 2011 11am for "Beauty For Ashes: Prophetic Luncheon". Location: Overland Community Center, 9225 Lackland Road, Overland, Missouri. Tickets $10! See you there! — with Renita Strickland, Eric Church Boy Jenkins, Aquinas France and 19 others.

If you are saying, "if I don't do it, it won't get done", let me encourage you to change your outlook. Even though you may not have the physical help you desire, always thank and praise God for the ability to do without getting an attitude, murmuring and complaining, getting lost in pride. However, if God has given you physical help and you lack the patience to accept the method they use, repent and begin to thank God and that person for their willingness to give of themselves. Most of all, always remember, God is your help and without Him we are and we can do nothing!
Michelle Cody Thanks for the word!AMEN!
Dai Walton This puts the icing on the Cake! Amen Prophet!

Yielding to temptation will never turn your situation around no matter how good it looks, sounds or feels. God's way is the only way for real change to take place. We must remain strong in the face of adversity by simply trusting in God. He is faithful to deliver and we must be faithful to believe that He is and He will. I encourage you to hold on to the word of God with every fiber of your being. There is never a time that we should ever give up, but only surrender. You must choose who or what you will surrender to
Athisha Lvnwtr King Preach!!!!
Dontae Smith AMEN!!!

Even though you may have the knowledge and the ability to do something, it's not always meant for you to do it. Sometimes God wants you to be another person's cheerleader. This job is just as important as the first. You're not less than because you're not in the game. You're being a strength regardless of the outcome. We need to encourage others to grow, mature and be their best in different areas of their lives, so that God can get the glory and we can stay humble before Him.

My wife, Carliss Goodsuccess Cole, and I were blessed to worship and share with Pastors David Bell and Leneshia S Lee-Bell at The Couch Experience. We are so grateful for the opportunity and the love of The Couch Experience Family!

You are not invisible, nor irrelevant! God sees and hears you when no one else does. Your cries will not go unanswered. You are very special and important to God. That's why He gave His Son for you and He promised to never leave you alone. Allow yourself to see you how God sees you. Let your confidence be built up in Him and stand on His word, knowing He is with you every step of the way
This is your turning point! Putting your faith in God has not been in vain. Get ready for a complete 180. God has his hands on you and His word shall come to pass in your life.

God's Love is without pressure. You don't have to look, talk, or walk a certain way for God to love you. I'm not telling you to live outside of God's will. But please understand, God's Love is not based on your performance, how much make-up you wear, money you make or even your attitude. He loves you inspite of you! He knows your faults and flaws, your pain and your struggle. He cares about you and He wants you to fulfill your destiny and purpose without fail. So if others don't recognize who you truly are, no worries, God does, and that's more than enough! Embrace His love that comes through His word and His people. Pure Love has no pressure!

Being the best you can be has nothing to do with being better than someone else. You should always strive for perfection, just not for the purpose of making others look ignorant and unaccomplished. Life is not a game, but a precious privilege that should never be taken for granted. Love is encouraging, not provoking or envious. The love of God should always be the goal, not an option.
Over the last week I have heard about many committing suicide, suffering from miscarriages and newborns passing away. I'm asking all who will to please pray for those that are hurting from this. Take the time to encourage them and check on them regularly. If you know someone that battling with thoughts of suicide, remind them of how much they are loved by God, you and all those around them. God is the only one who can take the pain away and we must allow Him to work through us so all can be healed

God is bringing many people around us to a place of brokenness and humility. There is no time for an "I told you so" attitude. We must embrace them with a heart of mercy and compassion, unless we will be brought to that same place. When we think we're ok, we have a greater chance of falling. Stay aware of where you are and let God handle everybody else. Remember, there is no honor without humility.
When people don't understand or haven't truly accepted the will of God for your life, they will try to hold you down because of their own fears and lack of confidence. Try to encourage them with the word of God, while remaining faithful to the call of God for your life. If you have to separate yourself, do it without rejecting them as a person and continue to show the love of God. When the dust clears, whoever God has placed in your life will be there in the end.

Even though God understands your pain, feelings, and emotions, He will still lovingly correct you. Falsely accusing Him or the one He speaks through of being unmerciful or too hard, simply shows a lack of maturity and failure to accept the word of God. He plans to prosper you and not harm you, to give you hope and a future. But the reality is, it won't come without correction and you can't choose how or when He does it or who He chooses to use. God is restoring His divine order and bringing many things to an end. Hold yourself accountable and don't miss the move of God.
I speak life to all who have ever been molested, raped or abused. You are not worthless! You are precious and valuable in the sight of God, filled with purpose and destiny. You shall no longer live with the thoughts and feelings of the torture and torment of your past. You shall walk and live in the peace of God that passes all understanding. The joy of the Lord is and shall always be your strength. Your life is not based or rooted in the pain of your past. You are free by the Spirit of God to know, have and dwell in love and true happiness for the rest of your life.
Many people are asking, "Where is God in all of this?" He is still here and He has been here all along. The problem is many are refusing to accept the order and direction of God on both sides. Trusting in God with all your heart, leaning not to your own understanding, acknowledging Him in all your ways so He can direct your path is the only option. Whoever chooses this solution will have peace. The rest will simply live in a state of unrest until or unless they choose God's way. We can't control the actions of others, but we can live for God ourselves.
Everything God says you are, receive it. Everything God says you can do, believe it. We can't lose with The Lord on our side. If God be for us, who can be against us. Stand on His word with confidence, knowing that victory is yours because He said so!
Elisha Cole

I just learned that there is a church who will not allow someone to become a member unless they have already received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. What do you believe?
Many will always have something to say about you, being offended at the truth, no matter where you are in life. Still you are the one who must decide if Christ is worth everything you face and go through regardless of what anyone thinks or says. As for me, I choose to stand on and speak the truth of God's word without compromise. I have already lost the support of some family and friends, however, that's a price that I'm willing to pay. I will not be held hostage to the lies and deception of my persecutors. I am free to move as God has directed and I will not take down off of God's word for anybody. Period!
Hold on to your determination, your decision to give and be your best. Love unconditionally, fulfill your purpose, walk in peace,......Don't allow any negative words, uncomfortable situations, set-ups or set-backs from your family, job, frenemies or this world to stop you from walking in complete victory. You are more than a conqueror! You are an overcomer! Believe God and walk in who God says you are!

Let the love, joy, happiness and laughter that you experienced on yesterday continue to overflow on today and everyday that follows. We may not eat like this all the time, but everyday can still be a day of Thanksgiving.

I am so grateful and thankful to God for His grace, love, mercy and compassion. HE has blessed me with a wonderful wife, Carliss Cole, two great children, Angel and Andrew Cole, awesome job, gift and anointing to sing, preach, and so much more. HE continues to be our Strength, Rock, Song and Shield. I pray that all of you, my fb fam and friends, will have a Happy, Happy Thanksgiving and remember, even in this tough time, "In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you."

I know this is a very trying time, but we can make it. Don't be weary in well doing! Keep Pressing! Regardless of what today may bring and all we're going through right now, never forget that God is stronger and greater than anything that's before us. So be confident in God! The power of His presence can turn the worst situation into something amazing. God is greater than our greatest problem! God is in the midst of every situation you face. If you call on Him in faith, He has given His Word(guarantee) that He will answer and meet your need. There is power in praying and believing that God is, God can and God will.

Carliss Goodsuccess Cole


Pain. No one enjoys it. We all try to avoid it. Yet it's something that touches us all. Order "PAIN ...
Carliss Goodsuccess Cole

GOD IS ON YOUR SIDE! matter what you're going through...know that God is on your side...He wants to see you prosper!...when I finally grasped God's Word during my most recent test in being laid off, falling behind on bills, back in a place that I said I'll never be in again....God helped me realize that I have to do something different this time. So I began to speak God's Word NO MATTER WHAT! NO MATTER HOW IT LOOKED! NO MATTER HOW I FELT!....His Word began to penetrate my heart...and it came through my lips...NOW amazing things are previous job are offering me position, after position, after position... my bills are getting family are being blessed more and more..LOVED ONE! KEEP SPEAKING THE WORD AND KNOW THAT GOD IS ON YOUR SIDE!